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In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus a worldwide pandemic. Since then, the infection rates have ebbed and flowed. This summer has seen an influx of infections greater than the spring!

The need to quarantine continues. People are quarantining for at least 14 days if they test positive for the virus while others quarantine to limit exposure. As infections rise, so do the number of people needing to quarantine.

This is why a home survival kit is essential.

When quarantined, you can’t leave your home to gather groceries or buy other essential household items. You need to have some food and essentials collected to help you survive for 14 days if you can’t leave your home.

Want to learn how to prepare yourself for a quarantine? Read more to find out how!

What a Home Survival Kit is About

A home survival kit is a collection of the essential items you need to survive a 2-week quarantine. For most people, an emergency kit for homes is as simple as having a few extra food, hygiene, and cleaning items on hand.

The trick with preparing a Coronavirus survival kit is knowing what items you need. Here’s a breakdown of the items every home survival kit needs.

A Food Supply

Food is an essential item. You don’t want to starve yourself for 14 days while in quarantine. You’ll need to stock up on nonperishable food items.

The downside is most fresh dairy items, fruits, and vegetables aren’t going to last a full 14 days. You need to find foods with a longer shelf life, such as canned foods. You can find soups, broths, vegetables, fruits, meats, and beans prepared in cans.

Frozen foods are another great option. You can buy your favorite fresh breads, fruits, veggies, and some cheeses to freeze.

Other foods with a long shelf life include nut butter, granola, oatmeal, crackers, trail mix, and other common staples. Families with babies or people with dietary restrictions and allergies will need to buy food they can also eat.

Don’t skip the coffee or treats. But don’t abuse them. Having coffee and the occasional treat can greatly improve your mental health during a quarantine.

Access to Water & Liquids

The average person can last for up to 2-3 days without water. If you’re quarantining for 14 days, you will need access to fresh drinking water. You may need to purchase bottled water or a water filter if you don’t have fresh drinking water.

Besides water, you’ll need hydrating liquids or powders, such as electrolytes. Whether you’re ill or healthy, your body needs to stay hydrated.

Electrolytes contain necessary vitamins and minerals that aid in hydration. This is also if you're fighting the Coronavirus or other illnesses.

Cleaning Products

Residing in the same place for 14 days can cause your home to get dirty, fast. Leaving dishes, counters, and bathrooms dirty is not good for your home or safe for your health. Your household supplies list needs to include a 14 day supply of cleaning products.

The most common cleaning products to have on-hand include dish soap, disinfectant cleaners, toilet cleaner, and laundry detergent. Larger families and households need to make sure they have enough to last them at least 2 weeks. Try buying larger containers of each as they don’t usually expire.

Hygiene Essentials

Personal hygiene is also important for your health and well being. Even when you’re sick, you need to keep your body clean to prevent infection or other complications. Hygiene essentials are another necessary part of your home survival kit.

During a pandemic, you should always have extra toothpaste, body soap, hand soap, and shampoo on-hand. Other essentials include facial tissues, toilet paper, feminine care products, and diapers if your household has young children.

Medicine & First Aid Kit

During quarantine, you can’t leave your house to pick up medication or prescriptions. If you have a chronic illness, like diabetes, you’ll need to have extra insulin and diabetic supplies available for a 14-day quarantine. Many experts recommend having a 30-day supply readily available.

Recently, pharmacies are offering delivery if you can't stock up on your medication.

You’ll also need to add a quality first aid kit to your medical supplies list. Even when you’re home, accidents can happen, such as an accidental cut with a knife or a scraped knee. You should always have bandages, antiseptic, masks, gauze, and mild pain relievers in your first aid kit.

Stay Busy with Entertainment

Humans, by nature, are social creatures. Cooping ourselves up, alone, for extended periods can take a hefty toll on our mental health. You need to stay busy and keep your mind occupied to prevent feelings of depression, anxiety, or anger.

For entertainment, consider adding games and puzzles to your home survival kit that the whole family can enjoy. If you have TV and the internet, investing in a streaming service can help you pass the time as well. Consider stocking on up on craft items if you want to learn a new hobby.

You should, however, avoid alcohol and drugs as a form of entertainment. Abusing these substances can exacerbate negative emotions and can lead to unhealthy habits.

Avoid Overstocking

Do you remember the store shelves back in March and early April? Almost every store lacked many of the essential items on this list. This means many people simply had to go without toilet paper, hand soap, or certain food products.

Avoid overstocking on essential items by purchasing only what you need for a 2-week quarantine. After quarantine, you’ll be able to return to the outside world and replenish the essential items you need.

If you happen to run out of an important item, online shopping and delivery are an option. You can receive essential items during your quarantine. This will allow others to have access to essential items for their quarantine, too.

Get Your Home Survival Kit Ready Now!

If you’re currently healthy, there’s almost no reason to not have a Coronavirus home survival kit. Should you fall ill or have exposure to a Coronavirus positive individual, you’ll need to quarantine for at least 14 days. Having these items ready will make your quarantine safe, easy, and possibly, enjoyable.

Do you need medical supplies to survive a quarantine? Let us know! We’re happy to help you with all of your medical supply needs.