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Wound Cleansers

Wound cleansers are essential for wound care as they protect them from contamination. What’s more, they help to create the most suitable environment for the wound to heal quickly and efficiently. At Save Rite Medical, we offer a wide variety of these products to meet the various needs of both medical facilities and home healthcare. We offer both wound cleansing products from renowned brands and their budget-friendly alternatives. Shop for wound cleansers at Save Rite Medical with confidence!

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What Is a Wound Cleanser?

A wound cleanser is a rinsing solution applied to eliminate foreign bodies from the wound and the surrounding skin, preventing contamination that could lead to infection or irritation.

With such a cost-effective wound care solution, you can efficiently support wound healing and lower the infection rate. 

However, it is crucial to use wound cleansers carefully and in the right amounts and frequencies, as otherwise, they may also eliminate products and tissues that are necessary for wound healing (for example, regenerating epithelium, growth factors, and chemokines).

The Benefits of Using Wound Cleansing Products

There are many advantages to using wound cleansers, making them a crucial element in creating an emergency first aid kit and preparing supplies for a medical facility. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Reduced Infection Rates: As wound cleansing products help to remove contaminants, they strongly contribute to lowering the infection rate.
  • Improved Healing Rates: Without any foreign bodies that could disrupt the regeneration process, wounds can be healed faster. Moreover, a wound cleanser helps remove the biofilm, exudate, and slough, which could disrupt the healing process.
  • Better Visualization of the Wound Bed: Without the debris and foreign contaminants, it is easier for a medical professional to visualize and inspect the edges of the wound bed, making it easier to monitor the healing process.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Some wound cleansers, such as hypochlorous acid, are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which are especially significant in the case of chronic wounds that have prolonged and protracted inflammation.

Order Effective Wound Cleansers in Our Store

Choosing Save Rite Medical for your wound cleanser supplies, you will get:

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Browse through our wide range of products and choose the ones that suit your needs best to enhance your wound care!

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