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Auto ReOrder

Save Big
Get a 5% discount on any item subscribed to auto-reorder and save money. Free shipping is given to all orders of 100 dollars and above.


Easy to Join 
•  Choose the items you want to order frequently directly on their product page.
•  Set the frequency of your orders based on a weekly or monthly basis.
•  Select your preferred quantity for this order and all the subsequent orders.
•  Click add to cart and just follow the normal checkout process. 

      Completely Reliable 
      You can always be assured that your products will be delivered to you once you sign up and provide all the required details. It is a reliable system that we always use to ensure that all the products you have ordered are sent to you as frequently as you want them. It is easy, fast, and convenient. The processing system is safe and has server encryption that guarantees security.

      Automatic Benefits
      You get a 5% discount for every product that you subscribe to. The system will automatically deduct the 5% of the total purchase price and calculate the balance you are required to pay after you select your products. Get your orders shipped to you automatically every time you need them. Automated shipping notification of every order is sent to your email address.


      Frequently Asked Questions
      What will happen if the products are out of stock when the time for delivery comes? An email will be sent to you to bring to your attention the current state of the products in the company before the date set so as to negotiate the way forward including sending it immediately once back in stock. What happens if the prices change? An email will be sent to you to let you know the current prices of the products. You will be able to know if the prices of products have been reduced or increased to determine how much you need to pay for the products. The company also notifies you of any further discounts on goods and if there is a sale of any products so that you can get the best deals. What will happen if the manufacturer changes the specifications of the product? The company will send an email to explain the situation to you and to get your response regarding the matter. This happens if you still want the products with the new specifications sent to you.

      Easy to Unsubscribe
      You just need to log in to your account and make all the changes that you want. It is very easy to navigate the account. You just have to modify the things you want changed once you are logged in. You can change the frequency, change the quantity, or the delivery modes and click on the save changes button for frequency changes. It will be automatically updated, and our team will see the changes. You just need to click on unsubscribe, and the account will be closed in case you want unsubscribe. You can always sign up a new account if you want to join us again. There are no restrictions as to the number of times you can create an account.

      About Save Rite Medical
      Save Rite Medical provides the top-notch name-brand medical supplies and superb customer service. All products come with a manufacture’s guarantee for convenience and peace of mind. It provides comprehensive medical inventory at a 5% discount and free shipping for orders above 300 dollars on products like diabetes supplies, wound care supplies, diagnostics equipment, Urological supplies, and Exam Gloves. Buying on wholesale saves you money.