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Foley Catheters

A Foley catheter, also referred to as an indwelling catheter, is a thin, sterile tube inserted into the bladder in order to drain urine in individuals who are unable to do it independently.

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What Is a Foley Catheter?

A Foley catheter is a thin, flexible tube inserted into the bladder through the urethra to drain urine.

This type of catheter has a specific design. At the tip of the catheter, there is a balloon, which is filled with sterile water or saline once the catheter is in the bladder. The balloon's function is to keep the catheter in place.

Unlike an intermittent catheter that can be removed after each bladder emptying, a Foley catheter is left in place for an extended period. Foley catheters are typically inserted by a doctor or nurse. The procedure is usually done in a hospital or clinic setting.

Foley Catheter Sizing

Foley catheters are sized using the French (Fr) system. The appropriate size of a Foley catheter depends on several factors, including:

  • The patient's age and gender - Generally, smaller catheters are used for children and women, while larger catheters may be necessary for men.
  • The reason the catheter is being inserted - For example, larger catheters may be needed to drain blood clots.
  • The patient's urethra - The size of the urethra will determine the largest catheter that can be comfortably inserted.

A general guide for diameter based on gender:

  • Women - Typically use 10 Fr to 12 Fr catheters
  • Men - Typically use 14 Fr to 18 Fr catheters
  • Children - Typically sizes range from 6 Fr to 12 Fr catheters

A medical caretaker will determine the right catheter size for their patient.

Benefits of Foley Catheters

There are many advantages to Foley catheters, making them a valuable medical tool.

  • Effective urinary drainage - For individuals who are unable to urinate on their own, Foley catheters ensure complete bladder emptying. This helps prevent complications like urinary retention and other urology complications.
  • Monitoring urine output - Foley catheters allow for accurate measurement of urine volume, which is crucial in critical care situations. This information helps healthcare providers assess kidney function and fluid balance.
  • Improved patient comfort - In some cases, a Foley catheter can improve comfort for patients who experience pain or difficulty urinating.

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