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Ostomy Undergarments

Ostomy undergarments (also called ostomy panties) are adjusted to the needs of patients who have undergone ostomy surgery, such as ileostomy or colostomy. They help them achieve more comfort and discretion while wearing pouching systems while at the same time keeping their hygiene at the right level.

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What Are Ostomy Undergarments?

Ostomy undergarments are designed to accommodate the specific needs of ileostomy and colostomy patients. Thanks to their high-waist design, added pocket, and special fabric, they help keep an ostomy bag in place and prevent leaks.

It is a great help for patients who need to have an opening (stoma) on their abdomen to allow waste to exit their body, bypassing part of the digestive or urinary system.

Nowadays, ostomy undergarments come in various styles and can be adjusted to a patient's individual preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Ileostomy and Colostomy Underwear?

Ileostomy and colostomy underwear offer a lot of benefits to ostomy patients. Some of the key advantages are as follows:

  • Better Support: Ostomy pouching systems can feel heavy and cumbersome. With dedicated underwear, patients can experience gentle support in holding the pouch securely in place, preventing it from bouncing around during daily activities.
  • Higher Comfort: If a patient tries to wear regular underwear with an ostomy bag, it may cause irritation and discomfort. Ostomy undergarments use soft and breathable fabrics, which, combined with a well-adjusted design, are more gentle on the skin and reduce friction to the minimum.
  • Improved Discretion: Ostomy accessories (including the undergarments) are aimed at making the pouching system as discreet as possible and making the patients more confident. Ileostomy and colostomy underwear helps to conceal the pouch, making it less visible under clothing.
  • Leak Prevention: One of the biggest fears of basically any ostomy patient is that the pouch may leak, which could be extremely embarrassing. Thanks to dedicated pockets and other enhancements, ostomy undergarments help keep the system secure and discreetly contain any minor leaks that may occur.

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