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Why Choose Our Medical Supply Store?

Save Rite Medical is New York’s leading online retailer for home medical equipment.

At Save Rite Medical we pride ourselves on providing you with top-notch, name-brand medical supplies and superior customer service.

Our goal is to empower you, patients, medical patients and caregivers alike, allowing convenient access to a wide range of home medical products – all at unbeatable prices.

We are a caring company that has built a retail platform for you, so that you can easily navigate, conveniently interact, and perform secure transaction at any time of the day, using any device. We save you the frequent, vexing trips to medical equipment stores, and provide you with an instant, online solution.

With Save Rite Medical, you have the flexibility to look for home medical equipment from the comfort and privacy of your home or workplace, using any laptop, mobile device or desktop.

What Makes Us Different?

Enhancing customer experience is our number one priority. Save Rite Medical’s mission is to maximize choices for customers, so that they can make creative decisions in choosing the right home medical solution that will not only cater to their specific needs, but also effectively improve their quality of life.

We bring you a reliable and secure shopping experience, anytime, anyplace, and on the go.

We Offer the Best Prices, along with Free Shipping

For your convenience and peace of mind, all of our products come with a manufacturer's guarantee, and we offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

Searching by category or keywords is incredibly easy using our website – and so is adding items of your choice to your shopping cart and making payments via PayPal or credit card.

Save Rite Medical offers some of the most discounted prices on an increasing variety of medical equipment, ranging from Ostomy to OTC. We even carry all diabetic care supplies on our website. If you’re looking for any type of medical equipment, chances are, our Health Care Store carries it.

Shop around our comprehensive inventory of health products, diabetes supplies, wound care supplies, diagnostics equipment, and more – all quality products at discount prices. Don't forget to check out our new wholesale section for even bigger savings!

We have Unbeatable Customer Service

At Save Rite Medical, we know what we’re really doing is helping every individual achieve comfort and mobility.

We are a team of fun and enthusiastic, yet highly skilled and talented individuals. Our customer service team will be happy to answer any inquiries you have via chat, email, or over the phone, on our toll free number: 1 (866) 923-1544

At every call or chat, you can expect to receive friendly, knowledgeable and expert advice from one of our amazing customer service representatives.

Our Presence

Our belief is that everybody should have access to quality medical supplies from trustworthy sources, including items that are normally challenging to find. This is why we’re proud to provide you with an online retail center where you can browse through a wide range of categories and products to suit your needs.

And if at any point you get stuck, all you need to do is simply get in touch with one of our customer service representatives and they’ll answer any questions you have, as early as within 15 minutes!

We carry all of the top brands