Glucometer Strip

You can stay on top of your sugar level and save money by using Prodigy strips. Keeping a glucometer strip on hand when you need it can prove challenging. However, they’re vital for maintaining your health.

In the United States, nearly 35 million people live with diabetes. Glucose monitoring is essential for helping you to control your blood sugar level.

Moreover, diabetes test strips play a critical role in that care. Blood glucose testing equipment helps people who must manage diabetes to monitor and control their health.

Instead of taking risks with cheap gray market diabetes strips, it’s sensible and safer to use an aboveboard resource such as Prodigy test strips. By using blood glucose testing equipment manufactured by an ethical company, you can prevent diabetes-related complications that will lead to more expensive treatment and medication in the future.

To learn seven essential facts about Prodigy test strips, including how to save money on them, read on.

Glucose Test Strips and How They Work

If you’re new to monitoring your blood sugar, it’s important to know that diabetes glucometer test strips are not 100% accurate. Still, they’ll give you a good idea of your blood sugar levels.

Using diabetes test strips is most certainly better than not monitoring your blood sugar as recommended by your physician. Also, it’s much easier than using a glucose test strip color chart.

Still, maintaining a continuous supply of test strips can prove costly. You can find discount options. However, you must consider the quality of your test strips in addition to the costs.

Keeping up With Your Diabetes: Paying for Glucometer Test Strips

Test strips can cost anywhere from $0.50 to a dollar each. Manufacturers produce test strips using chemicals, enzymes, precious metals and other compounds. Also, they must operate manufacturing plants to make test strips as well as advertise their products. They pass these costs onto consumers.

Because many people struggle to pay for a continuous supply of test strips, some organizations and manufacturers help patients pay for glucometer testing strips. For this kind of assistance, check with local and national organizations.

Usually, these kinds of groups will help low-income patients who don’t have insurance or qualify for financial assistance. Alternatively, you could give low-cost Prodigy test strips a try.

Before you try them, however, you may want to know little more about this affordable blood glucose monitoring equipment. Read on for seven informative points about Prodigy testing strips.

1. You Can Count on the Prodigy Glucometer Strip

Unlike traditional glucose monitoring strips, the manufacturer makes Prodigy strips with glucose oxidase technology. This technology delivers safer and more accurate readings.

Also, Prodigy equipment requires a smaller blood sample. Furthermore, Prodigy strips work with all three of their low-cost glucose level readers.

2. Prodigy Strips Allow for AST

With prodigy strips, you can take readings using alternate site testing (AST). You can take a reading from one of many locations, including your:

• Calf
• Fingertip
• Forearm
• Palm
• Thigh
• Upper arm

Note: Talk to your physician before taking glucose readings using AST.

3. Prodigy Strips Cost Less

One of the biggest benefits of prodigy test strips is their low cost compared to competing name brand products. This benefit is particularly helpful, especially if you must pay for test strips without the help of insurance. For instance, if you don’t qualify for Medicare and you need dependable test strips, Prodigy may serve as your best option.

4. You Can Use Prodigy Strips With Three Different Meters

Prodigy offers three glucose meter models – AutoCode, Pocket and Voice. The company’s three led technology works with all three meters.

The capillary action of the devices draws a blood sample into the strip automatically. Best of all, Prodigy glucose testing equipment is safe, accurate and super affordable.

5. Prodigy Strips Are Easy to Use

If you’re not technically inclined, no worries. Engineers designed the Prodigy glucose test system so that it’s easy to use. The meters feature a large, well-labeled display that delivers results almost immediately.

6. Forget About Coding With Prodigy Strips

With Prodigy testing equipment, you no longer have to worry about coding your meter. This benefit makes the process of testing hassle-free and more accurate.

All you need to do is insert a prodigy test strip and the meter automatically codes a match. This feature eliminates the possibility of miscoding.

7. Prodigy Strips Prevent Waste

A Prodigy test meter will only take a reading if there’s enough blood on the strip. This safeguard prevents you from taking bad readings, saving you time and money. Also, Prodigy’s test strip technology isn’t affected by sugars in your blood, resulting in more accurate readings.

Don’t Take Chances! Monitor Your Sugar

Testing your blood sugar level is essential for managing diabetes and preventing further complications. Remember to always follow the instructions for your meter.

Also, make sure that you understand your physician’s treatment plan and follow it closely. If you’re having trouble keeping your blood sugar within the specified range, talk to your physician about what you can do to correct the problem.

Get Test Strips From a Provider Who Cares

Save Rite Medical understands the challenges of maintaining a continuous supply of glucose test strips. We’re committed to making managing diabetes easier. We are a fair and ethical supplier that can help you save time and money on fulfilling your glucometer strip needs.

Managing diabetes is tough enough. Don’t overpay for testing strips. With Prodigy test strips, you don’t have to buy in bulk to save money, then wonder, “Do glucose strips expire?”

Contact Save Rite Medical today at (866) 923-1544 to find out how to spend less time worrying about test strips and more time enjoying life. Ask about our 5% discount on subscription orders and free shipping for orders over $100.