DERMABOND Liquid Stitches

DERMABOND®, known as "liquid stitches,” is a liquid skin adhesive used by healthcare professionals to close cuts and wounds. Using DERMABOND® is an efficient method of wound repair that requires little time (less than 3 minutes to bond) and minimizes discomfort. It is marketed to replace sutures that are 5-0 or smaller in diameter for laceration repair or incisions. 

DERMABOND® provides a flexible water-resistant protective coating and eliminates the need for suture removal. The use of DERMABOND® rather than sutures is solely up to the discretion of the healthcare professional but is a favorite among many professional athletes. DERMABOND® was the Official Wound Closure Product of the 2008 US Olympic and Paralympic Teams. 

DERMABOND® is an adhesive material that forms a strong microbial shield that provides protection while the wound heals. The adhesive material naturally wears off during the healing process, which usually takes 7 to 10 days. Even though there are no stitches to remove, a healthcare provider may still want to follow up with a patient to monitor wound healing.

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Ask Your Doctor about DERMABOND®

If you go to the emergency room or doctor’s office with a wound that you expect will require stitches, ask your doctor a simple question. “I've heard of this skin adhesive called DERMABOND® that can be used instead of stitches to close wounds. Can it be used to treat my wound?” Depending on the type of wound you have and your doctor’s experience, you will learn whether or not DERMABOND® is right for your wound. If you are going to have surgery, ask your doctor if a liquid adhesive would be appropriate instead of external stitches.

When and how DERMABOND® is used

DERMABOND®  is intended to close topical wounds from surgical incisions and simple trauma-induced lacerations. It is not used when there is evidence of infection or for wounds in or near the mouth or eyes. When DERMABOND® is used, the wound should be kept dry as directed by the healthcare professional. It should not be picked at or rubbed. Picking at or rubbing the wound could cause the film to become loose before the wound has properly healed.

Since DERMABOND® is a fast setting adhesive and quickly adheres to most body tissue and other surfaces, it should be used only by trained professionals.

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