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Dermabond DNX12 Liquid Sutures

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DERMABOND(TM) High-Viscosity topical skin adhesive is intended for topical application only to hold closed easily approximated skin edges of wounds from surgical incisions, including punctures from minimally invasive surgery, and simple, thoroughly cleansed, trauma-induced lacerations. DERMABOND(TM) adhesive may be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, deep dermal stitches. 0.5mL of adhesive per vial. 12 vials/box.

Dermabond DNX12 is the latest in surgical technology for wound closure. It is a liquid that closes incisions, cuts and burns, without the use of staples or sutures. This product is a liquid that goes into the wound and adheres to the open sides of the cut sealing out all dirt, water, etc. This promotes healing and is less traumatic to the patient. Although it is used for many purposes it should not be used for the eyes, mouth or very sensitive skin.

Product detail: this is a liquid formula, which is a type of adhesive. Dermabond DNX12 is applied after the wound has been thoroughly cleaned and is brushed on with light strokes, while the skin is held together. The adhesive will bond in less than 3 minutes. The liquid seals the wound helping to promote healing and reduce infections.

How is it used? Dermabond DNX12 effectively closes the wound and will automatically wear off as the area heals. Dermabond DNX12 promotes healing because it provides a protective layer to the damaged skin. It also reduces the risk of infections by sealing the wound. A traditional stitched wound can encounter infection and this can lessen the healing abilities of the body to be able to close the wound properly.It is waterproof so that the patient can take a shower or wash the area after surgery.

Dermabond DNX12 eliminates the need for heavy dressings, sutures or staples. The patient does not have to go through the trauma of having stitches or staples removed. When Dermabond DNX12 is used, as the incision or wound area heals, the adhesive begins to work its way off, coming off completely once the healing has been completed. This is a non-painful way of healing, compared to the pain of stitches that pull as they heal, and the pain felt by many people when the stitches or staples are removed. Dermabond DNX12 also helps the wound to heal faster. Scarring is less as there are no stitches or staples to mark the wound.

Uses of Dermabond dNX12: there are a number of uses for this adhesive. Some uses include its use in plastic surgery. Because the adhesive produces less scarring it is good to use for plastic surgery. Similarly it can also be used for burns to seal the wounds and help promote faster healing of damaged skin. Its protective qualities reduce the risk of infection which is often a big problem with burn victims. Surgical incisions and cuts can be closed with Dermabond DNX12. Making surgery faster and cutting down healing time.

As can be seen there are many advantages to using this adhesive. The patient is more comfortable, wounds heal faster and infections are cut to a minimum. This protective adhesive has proven to be a breakthrough in surgical technology for the medical profession and the patients.

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