The revolutionary concept of Patient Lifts, introduced by Hoyer Lifts, has changed the face of patient care all over the world. This brilliant device ensures the safe transference of patients from one location to another, with the minimum amount of discomfort. Hence, for all hospitals which put patient safety above everything else, the Hoyer Lift, specially designed for patients, is the ideal choice.


Consisting of a huge sling-like contraption, the patient is gently placed on the lift, by simply sliding it under his/her body, and once firmly secured, the lift is moved from one place to another with the minimum amount of fuss.

In addition to this, Patient Lifts are especially useful when transferring patients with fractures, or those who have recently undergone major surgery, and who need to be handled extremely carefully, so as to avoid any further complications.

By following four fairly simple steps, Hoyer Lifts can be operated safely and efficiently, making them the most obvious choice to go with when considering moving a patient either from an accident site to the hospital or from one location to another within the hospital itself.

Apart from being used in hospitals, Hoyer Lifts can also be used in homes with layouts conducive to their use and operation.  These lifts are not expensive and are therefore considered to be the best choice when dealing with patients who are confined to bed. You can find all of these great lifts and supplies online at Save Rite Medical Supplies.

However, although the lift allows the patient to be lifted and moved with the least amount of effort, one should remember to exercise caution while moving a patient. It is therefore advisable that before using the lift for the first time in an attempt to move the patient, the operator should understand and practice the procedure.


Best Practices For Using Patient Lifts

Safe Patient Handling and Mobilization Programs


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