Learning How To Live With A Tracheostomy And Few Key Terms Associated With It

Having a tracheostomy procedure done on you is a scary and life-changing event. However, it is an important procedure that will save your life. Thus, it is important to know these terms and have an idea of terms that you will be hearing once you’ve had this procedure done.


Trach Tube – The tracheostomy tube or trach tube¸ is the tube that is inserted into the trachea to provide a channel for air to pass through

Passey Valve – Also called a Passey-Muir speaking valve. The passey valve helps the patient speak, called trach speaking, more normally.

Trach Shower Shield – Also called the stoma shield cover, the trach shower shield protects the trach vent from water during showers. The stoma shield cover is an important protective piece for the trach vent.

Trach Holder (Trach Collar/Trach Tube Holder, Trach Ties) – these are a form of trach holder that are used to hold the trach tube in place. A trach collar or trach tube holder has a firmer hold while trach ties can be adjusted more accordingly and are cheaper.

Trach Cover – The trach tube is kept protected from dust and dirt by using the trach cover.

Trach Heat Exchanger – This device acts as an artificial nose for heating and humidifying air that comes into the trachea. The trach heat exchanger is a relatively expensive device.

Tracheostomy Cleaning Tray – a complete tracheostomy cleaning tray contains latex gloves, gauzes, and other essential materials used to clean the entire tracheostomy system. It is a single use kit.


Whether you’ll be having this condition temporarily or for life, and whether you will be able to speak normally or you will have to perform trach speaking, you have to be acclimated with these devices in order to be able to better maintain yourself or your patient. People who have undergone tracheostomy are extremely delicate, and proper care and maintenance should be given to them to assure recovery. Shiley disposable Inner Cannula

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