For centuries, honey has been used in healing individuals from different problems. Remember how your grandmother used to tell you to have a spoonful of honey whenever you had a sore throat? Well, a new use for honey has recently been uncovered by Derma Sciences Inc. - healing wounds. The company's Medihoney range of products uses a form of antibacterial honey that can effectively heal wounds better than antibiotics.

About Medihoney

Medihoney is a line of dressings which is used to provide your wound with a moist occlusive environment that allows it to heal quickly and effectively. Because the wound honey dressing lacks chemicals and toxins, you can easily use it at any time to start healing different kinds of wounds including but not limited to:

  • Foot ulcers caused by diabetes
  • Leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers and sores
  • 1st and second degree burns
  • Surgical wounds

How it Works

Medihoney dressings are mainly made from Leptospermum honey, a kind of medical honey that is extracted from Leptospermum trees that are found in New Zealand and Australia. Research has uncovered that these trees produce a very strong anti-bacterial substance (the antibacterial honey), which can require at least a 10% dilution before being used on people.

The medical honey, as it is referred to these days, provides thick wounds with a moist environment which will stimulate the healing process. The wound honey dressing is also highly absorbent, which means that you can forget about having your wounds seep. In addition, themedical honey can easily filtrate into your skin to reach your blood vessels and control the flow of exudates. Finally, because Leptospermum honey is a great antibacterial honey, it helps in cleaning wounds and ensuring their cleanliness from germs.

To get these benefits, all you should do is apply this antibacterial honey dressing. However, because these wound honey dressings come in different forms, here is how you should use each:

  • Medihoney Honey colloid - These dressings look exactly like a regular bandage. You can easily apply these onto thick wounds with light to moderate drainage. The bandages are non-adhesive and latex free, which means that your skin won't get irritated while the antibacterial honey works on healing your wounds.
  • Medihoney - The benefits of the medical honey come in a tube. You can use the tube to apply Medihoney on areas that are hard to dress, and then apply regular dressing.
  • Medihoney Calcium Alginate Dressing - If you have to cover or fill up a thick wound with moderate to heavy draining, then you should consider this wound honey dressing. All you need to do is peel off the paper side and stick the dressing onto the wound like you would a bandage.

So, if you have been injured and want to heal fast, you can count on these honey dressings to get you back in shape sooner than you expect Article Source:

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