The Colopast Interdry ag dressing, with silver antimicrobial, is a skin control technique which allows wounds to protect from moisture and controls odor. Interdry ag dressings are made up of knitted material that is embedded with silver antimicrobial action that successfully heals injuries.

The silver antimicrobial action filled in interdry ag dressings provides a safeguard to the wounds within 5 days. The emphasis on silver being impregnated to the dressing is due to multiple reasons. Firstly, silver helps in actual management of moisture between skin folds, inflammation in wounds and odor.

Furthermore, interdry ag dressings, produced from 100% polyester knitted material is meant to reduce risk of skin tearing. It provides a smooth lubricated atmosphere to the wound and helps in retaining moisture within the dressing.

There are numerous reasons for choosing Interdry ag dressings that accumulate as its competitive advantage to other products in the market. In comparison to normal dressings available on pharmacies, it possesses a distinct protection against microbes. Interdry ag dressings are specifically designed and created to reduce the moisture and avoid inflammation in the wound. Interdry ag dressing lasts for five days and needs fresh and clean dressings when redressing. The dressing specializes in management of wounds, especially those between the skin folds with fast silver antimicrobial action.

Interdry ag dressings have made its potential consumers ask many questions relating to its use and efficacy. The dressing is commonly used by diabetes patients, in breast folds and caters to problems arising from obesity.

Moreover, clinical studies have shown positive results for Interdry ag textile as promising results have been achieved with few days. It eliminates forming of micro-organisms that cause odor and control excess growth of these organisims resulting in candida albicans.

Another frequently asked question is about where Interdry ag textile can be used. It can be used over wound care dressings but not applied with ointments or pastes, neither to be used as a barrier for urine or feces.

Methodology of Interdry ag textile evolves, firstly lay the product on the irritated area without changing for up to five days. This has to been until the area becomes saturated and after this the product shall be removed in the very instance. The special feature of Interdry ag textile that possesses Ionic silver will be a vital element helpful in healing of the pain area.

Wound management may become intricate when an individual lacks prior knowledge of doing so. The basics of handling a wound shall be evidently known as wounds between skin folds could be very disturbing. In order to curb this issue, Interdry ag dressings have integrated several technologies in the dynamics of the dressing.

Inflammation in the wound will not occur as Interdry ag dressings are manufactured from 100% polyester knitted materials, hence reducing skin breakdown. Most important, the silver antimicrobial action prevalent in dressings prevents wound maceration and erythema. Moreover, provides odor control and is accompanied by lack of wear and tear in skin. This prevents rashes and enhances the healing process.


Candida Albicans

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