Bedsores are lesions on the skin which are sometimes also referred to as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers. Such lesions can be caused by temperature, friction, pressure or medication. Bedsores mainly appear on skin that lies on top of bone such as the knees and elbows. Taking care of bedsores can be difficult and you might want to get the help of someone more knowledgeable than you are. For the best treatment and care of bedsores, you may want to look up Save Rite Medical’s wound care supplies for the best products for all kinds of sores.


Treating bedsores is an intricate process and it therefore requires a proper treatment plan if the products are to work as they should. This is one of the stages where the medical expert comes in very handy. He or she will recommend how the pressure can be reduced in case the sores are pressure induced. Antibiotics are also a very important part of the treatment plan for bedsores. They will take care of the infection and keep bacteria in check. Cleaning is mandatory for all kinds of sores and this will definitely be a procedure you have done regularly - check out our collection for the best wound cleanser. The healing process for bedsores can be extremely slow and painful. Pain medication and supplements for tissue reparation will be required to help speed up the process.


One of the best bedsore products you will find at Save Rite Medical is the Mepilex Border Self-Adherent Foam Dressing. This product is ideal for pain relief especially when a dressing change has to be done. It also ensures that the wound is not aggressed at all during changing. The Mepilex dressing works amazingly for traumatic wounds. Another wonder product is the 3M Tegaderm Transparent film dressing that is available on Save Rite Medical’s care category. This is a one stop shop for all wound care products you can possibly need for bedsores. It works miracles both for multiple stages of ulcers and types of sores. The Duoderm extra thin dressing is another wonderful product that aids in the holistic and non-traumatic care of exuding sores.


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