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There aren't many worse things for a parent than to see your child unwell. Whether it's just a little cough or a full-on case of the flu, any good parent wants to see their child back at 100% as soon as possible.

However, it's one thing to hope for a quick recovery and another to be prepared to make that happen. No matter if your child always seems to get sick or if they only catch a bug every once in a blue moon, keep a children's cold and flu survival kit in the house.

Think of this like a first-aid kit made especially for the immune system. Having everything on-hand makes it easy for you to jump into nurse mode the moment your kid shows signs of the flu.

The following is a full list of what you should have ready.

Must-Have Children's Cold and Flu Survival Items

What's the first thing you reach for when your child is sick? Is it cold medicine, cough drops, or maybe a decongestant? Whatever it is, make sure you always have plenty of it in your children's cold and flu survival kit.

But, you can't depend on one single item to get the job done. Stock up on the items listed below to have a full kit ready.

Over the Counter Medications

Start with all the basics. You know, things like children's cough medicine, Advil, Tylenol, and even Excedrin for those horrible headaches that tend to come with being sick.

These are simple medications; they're safe for kids to use yet strong enough to help them feel better. You can also research specific children's wellness products if you'd like to take extra precaution.

Nasal Saline

While a dose of cough medicine here or a nighttime medication there may help, they aren't enough to get the job done. Pick up nasal saline when you're at the store, too.

This is meant to help fight the pesky runny nose that comes with being sick. It will keep your child happy and comfortable while the other medication starts to take effect.

Cough Drops

Nasal saline is meant to prevent or stop a runny nose. Cough drops, on the other hand, are good for sore throats. They soothe the tension that comes with being sick and can serve as a bit of a distraction for your child as well.

This is a win-win. Not to mention, cough drops are super cheap!

A Humidifier

The last must-have item to keep in your child's wellness survival kit may not actually fit in the container. It's a humidifier.

In the most basic terms, a humidifier is meant to create humidity in the air. You fill it with water and it releases vapor into the room. This vapor is more helpful than you might think.

Humidifiers can make it easier to breathe when your child has a stuffy nose and it purifies the air (which is great for certain allergies). These tend to have calming mental effects, too.

You can go all-out on a large humidifier or get a small one just for treating a sickness. Either way, your kit is not complete without this.

Home Remedies and Things for Added Comfort

The items listed above are the best things you can get when you need quick relief for a bad case of the flu. If you like to take the more natural approach in your household, though, consider keeping the following items around.

Honey, Lemon, and Ginger

As effective as children's medicine can be, there's a limit to how many doses you can give your child. Luckily, natural remedies have a little more flexibility.

One of the best things you can make to treat an illness is a mixture of honey, lemon juice, and shaved ginger. It is an anti-inflammatory immune boost that your child can take throughout the day. You can serve it as-is or make a tea out of it.

Children's Vitamins

Just as there are benefits in the natural ingredients mentioned above, there's value in taking pre-made vitamins. It's a good idea to give your children vitamins when they aren't sick, but it's a no-brainer when they are sick.

Vitamins give your little one's immune system the support it needs to fight whatever is attacking it. They help bring your child back to full health and keep them there.

Mint Tea

Children have a tendency to get fussy when they're sick. They go from saying they have a headache one second to a runny nose the next and then a stomach ache to top it all off.

While there may be some truth to what they say they're feeling, you know when your child is milking their illness. In such cases, give them a cup of mint tea.

This shows you care but that you're still in charge. It's kind of like a little treat you can offer to help them take their mind off being sick and to keep them calm.

Soft Blankets and Good Movies

Speaking of taking your child's mind off things, don't forget to keep a few extra blankets around the house and pick up some movies on the way home from the doctor's office. These don't have any medical effects, but they do make being sick easier on everyone.

It's your way of providing extra comfort and giving your child something to do while they stay home from school and get better. Watching movies passes the time; it entertains your child so that they don't get bored or become fussier than they already are.

Make Sure You're Fully Prepared

From your child's favorite movie to your preferred brand of cough medicine for kids, you can't really be over-prepared for an illness in the house. In fact, having a children's cold and flu survival kit is pretty much part of being a parent.

Do your job well and make it easier for everyone with all the items mentioned above. Click here to gather all the things you need in a stress-free, simple manner.


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