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Triad Hydrophilic Paste Dressing 6 oz. Tube

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Coloplast Triad™ Hydrophilic Paste Wound Dressing 6Oz, Zinc-oxide Based, Sterile, Latex-free

This dressing absorbs excess exudates while retaining moist wound environment. Zinc oxide-based hydrophilic paste gently adheres to moist wound beds. Sterile, non-adhesive dressing gently covers moist, weeping wounds and spreads evenly over entire wound area.

  • Zinc-oxide-based hydrophilic paste absorbs moderate levels of wound exudates.
  • Autolytic action softens and loosens necrotic tissue while maintaining a moist wound environment.
  • Soothes compromised periwound skin, and provides an occlusive wound dressing.
  • Protects peri-wound skin.
  • Maintains a moist healing environment.

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