Tracoe Neonate Tracheostomy Tube, Size 3.5


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Tracoe® mini Tracheostomy Tubes are particularly soft and equipped with a neck flange with a slanted bottom, providing the tube with an optimized and atraumatic fit. These tubes have very thin walls, which enables them to be used in small, young patients. Despite their thin walls, the tubes retain their shape at all times. The smooth, funnel-shaped inner design of the 15mm connector allows an easy insertion of suction catheters. The special obturator is extremely practical. The grip on its end makes sure that the tube can be inserted safely and easily.

  • Ring-shaped handle of the obturator which ensures safe guidance during the insertion of the tube.
  • Due to the different shaped children’s neck (very short structure, pre-tracheal fat pad and small space) a soft, compliant and flexible, "less traumatic" design for a better patient’s comfort is provided.
  • The wings of the neck flange form a 150° angle towards the head making the neck strap position match the anatomical characteristics better.
  • Thinner tube walls. Optimal ratio between tube size and lumen.
  • DEHP-free material.
  • Material is radiopaque - X-ray pictures will show the entire tube not only an X-ray contrast line.
  • Large eyelets and supple wings for an easier neck strap change.
  • All relevant information like REF, size, ID, OD and length are printed on the neck flange.

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