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Kendall Argyle™ Suction Catheter Mini Tray features a directional valve that reduces the chance of exposure to aspirated sputum. It is color-coded for easy french size identification. It comes with two latex-free, powder-free gloves in a mini tray that features a convenient, space-saving design offering maximum efficiency. The mini tray serves as a basin during the procedure to hold sterile water or saline.

  • Kendall Argyle™ Suction Catheter Mini Tray minimizes trauma.
  • Reduces chance of exposure to aspirated sputum.
  • Maintains efficient suction with ease of insertion and withdrawal.
  • Ensures accurate insertion distance for pediatric use.
  • 1 cm graduation marks on pediatric sizes.
  • Ergonomically correct valve angle.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Directional valve.
  • Firm but flexible catheter.
  • DeLee tip.

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