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Tegaderm Non-Adherent Contact Layer Dressing 3" x 4" | 88-5642

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3M Healthcare Tegaderm™ Non-adherent Contact Layer Dressing 3" x 4", Woven Nylon Fabric, Non-toxic

A primary non-adherent wound contact layer designed to protect the wound and to allow free passage of exudates in to a secondary dressing. The silicone is designed to allow the wound contact layer to gently stick to peri-wound skin unassisted to allow for easy application of the secondary dressing.

  • Non-adherent Contact Layer Dressing can be left on wound for up to 7 days.
  • Maintains moist wound healing environment.
  • Indicated for both partial and full thickness wounds.
  • Lessens patient pain during dressing changes and removal.
  • Allows exudate to pass through an absorbent outer barrier.
  • Minimize disruption of healthy granulation tissue and re-epithelialized surfaces.

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