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Tegaderm Alginate Ag Silver Dressing 1" x 12" Rope | 88-90307EA

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Tegaderm Alginate Ag dressing is an antimicrobial, highly absorbent wound dressing available as a pad or rope that is composed of sterile calcium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose and an ionic silver complex (silver sodium hydrogen zirco-nium phosphate). When the dressing comes into contact with wound exudate, it releases antimicrobial ionic silver which very effectively reduces the microbial load caused by a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria (MRSA and VRE). It can also be used for wounds requiring autolytic debridement.

  • Antimicrobial effectiveness: Reduces a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA and VRE.
  • Soft-gelling absorbency: Conforms to the wound and is soft and pliable.
  • Ensures a moist environment for optimal wound healing.
  • One-piece removal.
  • Condition: Pressure ulcer, wound care.
  • Wound care condition type: Donor sites, neuropathic ulcers, open surgical wounds, superficial partial thickness burns and venous leg ulcer.
  • Suggested applications: Pressure, arterial, neuropathic (diabetic) and venous leg ulcers, post-operative wounds, trauma wounds (dermal lesions, trauma injuries or incisions), graft and donor sites, superficial partial thickness burns.
  • Latex-free.

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