SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener, 2 Liter Bottle with Pump


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SimplyThick EasyMix Gel Thickener, 2 Liter (approximately 67.6 fluid ounces) Bottle with Pump. A new formulation of the SimplyThick gel-based food thickener, EasyMix can be mixed with a spoon, straw or fork - no shaking required - is ready to drink in seconds, not minutes, and does not continue to thicken over time. Can be used to thicken to either nectar, honey or pudding consistency (IDDSI Levels 1-4). The new formula uses 60% less gel to thicken the same amount of liquid - each bottle will yield up to 302 4 oz. servings at nectar consistency, or 151 4 oz. servings at honey consistency or 75 4 oz. servings at pudding consistency.

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