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Prevalon Pressure-Relieving Heel Protector | TO-7302

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Protection Against Heel Pressure Ulcers, Plantar Flexion Contracture For Non-ambulatory People

Sage Prevalon®' Pressure Relieving Heel Protector minimizes pressure, friction and shear on feet, heels and ankles of non-ambulatory residents. It helps prevent heel ulcers by completely off-loading the heel, delivering total continuous pressure relief. The contracture strap maximizes support under the foot, helping prevent Achilles tendon shortening by maintaining the foot at 90 degrees while the patient is in bed.

  • Sage Prevalon Pressure Relieving Heel Protector is easy to apply and helps maintain resident’s freedom of movement.
  • Pontoon bottom helps hold foot in upright position.
  • Intermittent Compression Device (ICD) Access Ports.
  • Fully adjustable stretch panels provide a secure, comfortable fit and are tethered to the boot to make it easier to reapply.
  • Outer surface is constructed with strong ripstop nylon and this smooth outer covering repels liquids and makes it easy to wipe clean.
  • Stretch panels adjust quickly for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • No sharp edges or irritating straps.
  • Built-in, pillow-style cushioning provides proven support surface.
  • Soft comfort-grip interior minimizes friction and shear while keeping foot in proper position.
  • Tag helps clinicians visualize how to properly apply boot.
  • Open, floated heel design completely off-loads heel, allows for easy monitoring between assessments.

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