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Chin Straps are designed to hold your chin comfortably and keep your mouth closed while you sleep. This lessens air leaking which will dry out your nasal and throat passages, and encourages breathing through your nose. It is recommended that the chin strap be cleaned at least once a week, and be washed in a container with a mild detergent and air dried to maintain its shape and comfort. The support strap around the back of the head will help hold the chin strap in place during the night. The chin is held up by a rounded, cup-like strap design so it is well supported during sleep. By keeping the mouth closed, nasal CPAP delivery becomes more effective and a dry mouth can be avoided. With the premier chin strap you can expect better nose breathing, reduced mouth dryness and an altogether better night's sleep.

  • High quality Velcro® brand hook and loop.
  • Breathable foam laminate.
  • Adjustable and comfortable.

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