Peptamen 1.5 Complete High-Calorie Vanilla Flavor 250mL Can


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375 Cal, Lactose- and Gluten-Free

Complete high-calorie elemental diet is ready to use for complete or supplemental tube feeding. It is specifically formulated for easy digestion and absorption for patients with impaired gastrointestinal function and normal or increased caloric requirements. Patients who could benefit from Peptamen® 1.5 include those with malabsorption that is complicated by fluid restriction, elevated caloric requirements, volume sensitivity, shortened feeding cycle or aggressive goal-rate attainment. May also be use useful as a nocturnal feeding, as a dual feeding with TPN or as a transition diet from TPN.

  • Calorically dense to address nutritional needs in smaller volume.
  • Balanced peptide profile promotes GI absorption and integrity.
  • Enzymatically hydrolyzed 100% whey protein, which may facilitate gastric emptying.
  • 70% of fat from MCT to decrease potential for fat malabsorption.
  • Closed system with SpikeRight® Plus port, the first available proximal-end enteral connector system designed to be incompatible with IV equipment.

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