OPTIONS Men's Basic with Built-In Barrier/Support, Gray, Center Stoma, Large 40-42


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Options Ostomy Support Underwear Boxer Brief with Built-In Barrier/Support 2XL, Gray, Soft Cotton, Left Stoma, New Rib-Knit, Regular Fly Opening

Options™ contain the patented built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support designed by an ostomate for 24 Hour wear for day, sleep and intimacy. Patients can forget they are wearing a pouch - they can wear regular clothing and virtually eliminate leakage. Designed for discreet appearance and to provide a flatter abdominal profile. When the pouch is contained within the support, it provides a larger area across abdomen for pouch contents to be evenly distributed, providing concealment. To conceal and prevent bulging/ballooning, it is recommended that a 9" or longer pouch be used, directing the pouch tail to the opposite side. The support provided security, peace of mind and maintains an adhesive seal for extended wear time. It also creates a barrier between skin, pouch and wafer that prevents rashes and skin breakdown. User will not feel pouch, heat or tail closure; pouch is rustle-free. Access for urinary night drainage tubing.

  • Mid-thigh coverage.
  • 24-hour wear for day or sleepwear.
  • Fly opening.
  • 50% cotton/50% poly.
  • New comfortable waistband.
  • Ostomy barrier/support 100% cotton-absorbs/wicks moisture away from skin.
  • Supports weight of contents, which relieves pull on stoma seal and prevents leakage, burning and itching.
  • Protects and eliminates pull on adhesive seal of wafer-extending wear time of wafer.
  • Fits all manufacturers' pouching systems.
  • Prevents ballooning.
  • Absorbs moisture, preventing rashes and skin breakdown from pouch and wafer.
  • Prevents feeling pouch, heat or tail closure.
  • Reduces pouch rustle.
  • Easy access for intimacy.

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