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OpSite Post-Op Visible Bacteria-Proof Dressing with See-Through Absorbent Pad, 3.15" x 4"

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Smith & Nephew Opsite™ Post-Op Visible Dressing 3-1/7" x 4" for Low to Moderate Wound, Water- and Bacteria-Proof

Bacteria-proof dressing has highly breathable film, is waterproof and bacteria-resistant, and the unique lattice structure foam pad enables regular wound assessment without the need to lift or remove the dressing.

  • Great visibility and absorbency. Lattice foam structure reduces disturbance to the wound bed, minimizes the risk of infection and helps to provide a cost effective solution.
  • High moisture vapor transmission rate has a unique molecular structure which gives a high MVTR.
  • This allows unwanted moisture to transpire and helps prevent infection.
  • Bacterial barrier provides a barrier against bacteria, including MRSA, to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Highly absorbent lattice pad allows lateral spread across the lattice pad to maximize absorbency without impairing visibility.


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