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Mini ONE Capsule Non-Balloon Button Kit 14 fr x 1 cm


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Applied Medical Technology Mini ONE® Capsule Non-balloon Button Kit 14Fr Dia x 1cm L Stoma, Low Profile, Pull-away Tether, Deployed Bolster

Mini ONE® Non-Balloon Button combines the features of Mini ONE® Balloon Button with the strength and durability of a non-balloon product. It is convenient as it is compatible with MIC-KEY® feeding sets, in addition to all feeding sets (Both balloon and non-balloon). As an optional insertion method, all Mini ONE® Non-Balloon Buttons can be ordered with an easy-to-use ratcheted insertion tool.

  • No balloon to fail, so replacements occur less often.
  • Button shaft is as narrow as that of a balloon button.
  • For removal: Removal tool distends bolster to a smaller profile.
  • Easy to use pull-away tether releases capsule to deploy internal bolster.
  • For removal: Removal tool distends bolster to a smaller profile.
  • Internal bolster is smaller than a balloon (less likely to block the pylorus).
  • Internal dome provides more holes/openings for better feeding and venting.
  • Feeding sets are interchangeable with Balloon Mini ONE® and MIC-KEY® balloon device.
  • Capsule design reduces pain during insertion.

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