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Kimberly-Clark Professional MIC Pediatric Gastrostomy Feeding Tube 12Fr, 3 to 5mL Balloon, Silicone, Tapered Distal Tip, Gamma Sterilized

Easy-Feed® Gastrostomy Tube is a non-weighted replacement g-tube, for use as a primary catheter in place of a Foley or de Pezzer catheter (when the tract is created using the Stamm or Witzel procedure). Large single port fits irrigation-tip syringe. Tube comes in a variety of French sizes to individualize the fit and is 14" long. Medical-grade silicone tube material is biocompatible and flexible. Round skin disk is easily adjusted to maintain correct tube position. Open-end feeding port at distal end permits optimal flow.

  • Medical grade silicone construction.
  • Universal feeding port connector.
  • Build-in medication port.
  • SECUR-LOK External retention ring.
  • Inflatable silicone internal retention balloon.
  • Non-recessed distal tip at recommended fill volume.
  • Radiopaque stripe.
  • Graduated centimeter markings for tube position verification.
  • Available in 10 French sizes.
  • FDA approved and CE marked.
  • Dual exit ports.

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