MIC-KEY Low-Profile Jejunal Feeding Tube Kit 18 fr 2-1/2 cm


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Kimberly-Clark Professional MIC-KEY Low-Profile Jejunal Feeding Tube Kit 18Fr 2-1/2cm L Stoma, 5mL Balloon, Silicone, Trimmable Distal Tip, Gamma Sterilized

Kimberly-Clark MIC-KEY Low Profile Jejunal Feeding Tubes are designed for the delivery of enteral nutrition to the small bowel, and are available in low profile and conventional designs. It is indicated for patients requiring jejunal feeding only, but who want an inconspicuous external segment. With an external bolster designed like the widely prescribed MIC-KEY gastrostomy tube.

  • Medical grade silicone construction.
  • Proximal anti-reflux valve.
  • Trimmable distal tip recessed at 5mL - 81cm from distal end to the Balloon tip.
  • SECUR-LOK extension set connector.
  • Silicone internal retention balloon.
  • Radiopaque stripe.
  • Wide variety of extension sets available.
  • FDA approved and CE marked.

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