KerraFibre Super-Absorbent Gelling Fibre Dressing 4.3" x 3.5"


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Polyurethane Film, Super Absorbent, For Moderate to Heavily Exuding Wounds

KerraFibre® is designed to absorb and wick moderate to high amounts of exudate through a naturally derived wound contact layer. Integrated into one structure, each of its three layers performs a different role, but when combined with the innovative hexagonal composition, the result is a dressing that absorbs exudate and locks it away, regulating fluid levels to maintain an ideal moist wound environment.

  • Single integrated dressing.
  • Performs well under compression.
  • Locks exudate and bacteria in the dressing to keep it away from the wound bed.
  • Soft, natural alginate contact layer means the dressing can be used to control minor bleeding.
  • Very efficient at extracting harmful MMP proteins from wounds that could delay healing.
  • Low profile, flexible and comfortable.

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