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Folysil 2-Way Open Tip Catheter, 16 Fr, 16", 15 cc


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16" L, Silicone, 15cc Maximum Capacity, Sterile, Latex-Free

Featuring a 100% latex-free foley catheter that is designed to ease the catheterization process. Its innovative design was created to minimize urethral tissue damage and prevent leakage. Folysil® silicone lumen is significantly larger than latex lumens in catheters of the same french size, creating more efficient drainage. The radiopaque stripe simplifies detection in an x-ray and transparent tube enables convenient visual inspection. Silicone is biocompatible and inhibits encrustation. This specific item is ideal for any patient suffering from latex-related infections.

  • Smooth edges aid in the catheterization process.
  • Minimizes leakage and maximizes drainage.
  • Transparent tubing.
  • Designed to prevent encrustation.
  • Radiopaque stripe simplifies detection in an X-ray.
  • Validated for medium to long term use, up to a maximum of 30 days.

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