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Esteem + Convex One-Piece Drainable Pre-Cut Pouch w/"visiClose, Durahesive, 12" panel Opaque, 3/4"

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Pcs: One

Type: Drainable 

Stoma Opening: 3/4" Pre-Cut, Convex, Modified Durahesive® Barrier

Size: 12" L

Filter: Yes

Backing: Two-Sided Comfort Panel

Color: Opaque

Closure: InvisiClose® Integrated Clipless Closure

Belt Tabs: Yes

Flexible and discreet, the Esteem® one-piece system is the all-in-one solution that combines the skin barrier and pouch in a single unit, allowing for a simple, secure, and comfortable experience. Pouch allows for draining and has an easy-to-use clipless closure called InvisiClose®.

  • Charcoal filter deodorizes and releases gas.
  • Soft comfort panels are designed to be quiet and odor-proof, helping maintain discretion.
  • InvisiClose® tail closure can be rolled up to securely close drainable pouch.

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