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Edith Trach Heat-Moisture Exchanger

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  • Edith Trach Heat-Moisture Exchanger - Save Rite Medical
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Transparent Housing, 1000mL Tidal Volume, Latex-Free, For Passive Humidification

Edith HMEs meets the heat and moisture exchange requirements for adult and pediatric patients in the operating room, intensive care unit and other respiratory care environments. The Edith Trach has been specially designed to be used with tracheostomized patients, allowing spontaneously breathing patients to benefit from heat and moisture conservation.

  • Minimal and stable moisture loss over time helps ensure that patient is always conserving adequate heat and moisture.
  • Low breathing resistance reduces the work of breathing for the patient.
  • Low weight adds to patient comfort and safety.
  • Low dead space helps ensure adequate patient ventilation.
  • Latex-free materials offers safer use with all patients.
  • Transparent housing makes it easy to determine when to replace the HME.
  • Wide range of products to meet various requirements.
  • Designed according to ISO standards to provide standard-sized connectors.


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