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Edith 1500 Heat-Moisture Exchanger

  • Edith 1500 Heat-Moisture Exchanger - Save Rite Medical
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Transparent Housing, 1500mL Tidal Volume, Latex-Free, For Passive Humidification

Edith HMEs meets the heat and moisture exchange requirements for adult and pediatric patients in the operating room, intensive care unit and other respiratory care environments.

  • Minimal and stable moisture loss over time helps ensure that patient is always conserving adequate heat and moisture.
  • Low breathing resistance reduces the work of breathing for the patient.
  • Low weight adds to patient comfort and safety.
  • Low dead space helps ensure adequate patient ventilation.
  • Latex-free materials offers safer use with all patients.
  • Transparent housing makes it easy to determine when to replace the HME.
  • Wide range of products to meet various requirements.
  • Designed according to ISO standards to provide standard-sized connectors.


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