Droplet Pen Needle 32G (0.23mm) x 8mm (100 count)


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Pen Needles are intended to be used with a pen injector device for the subcutaneous injection of insulin. They are commonly used by people with diabetes who often require multiple daily insulin injections. The average patient with Type-2 diabetes injects 60,000 Units over 10 to 12 years of insulin treatment. Premium needle quality ensures comfortable insulin injection. Unique lubrication method is to ensure gentle penetration and minimize pain perception. Just change pen needle after each injection.

  • Easy adjustable and universal.
  • No need to change pen injector.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Just twist, inject and dispose.
  • Special needle lubrication makes insulin injection as smooth as silk.
  • Needle penetration into the skin is soft and gentle.
  • Fast and accurate insulin delivery to meet treatment requirements.
  • Smart thread design to prevent insulin leakage.
  • Thin wall technology to ensure precise insulin flow and smooth injection.
  • Sterile and single use.

For Patients with Diabetes

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