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Dobbhoff Naso-Jejunal Feeding and Gastric Decompression Tube 16 fr 67" | 61-752513EA

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This dual purpose tube is optimal for those patients who require short term gastric decompression and jejunal feeding/medicating. The outer lumen is a 97 cm 16 Fr polyurethane tube with 10 suction holes that will suction and decompress the stomach through the red port marked "suction". The jejunal tube is 9 Fr by 170 cm long and incorporates a 3 g tungsten steel weight and 4 spiral exit holes at the distal tip to facilitate smooth flow and reduce the risk of clogging. This tube is often used on patients with pancreatic inflammation.

  • For "push" insertion over guidewire (kit included) allowing easy and accurate placement.
  • Radiopaque, polyurethane material is easily detectible under fluoroscopy or x-ray
  • Unique, adjustable length, feeding tube design that allows clinician to customize the tube length to the patient.
  • Spiral feeding outlet holes for optimal flow.
  • Jejunal tube can be retracted within gastric portion with easy insertion over a guidewire. Customizable to patients needs.
  • Oral-nasal transfer cannula included facilitating guidewire transfer from the oral to nasal route.
  • Hydromer™ grafted gastric and jejunal tube lumens facilitate smooth movement between tubes and over the guidewire.

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