Curity Ultramer 2-Way Hydrogel Foley Catheter 24 Fr 5 cc


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Type: Two-Way Foley

Tip: Standard, Reinforced

Lubrication: Hydrogel-Coated

Material: Latex

Size: 24Fr

Length: 16"

Balloon Capacity: 5cc

Ultramer™ Foley catheters feature a biocompatible Hydromer® coating which absorbs and retains moisture to create a distinctively slippery surface. This highly lubricious surface reduces friction between the catheter surface and urethra better than comparable coated or uncoated catheters. The reinforced tip is anatomically tapered for easy insertion. A ribbed balloon provides excellent symmetry and strength. Smooth-edged, beveled eyes provide optimal drainage without weakening the tip.

  • Hydrogel-coated latex provides superior lubricity by absorbing the mucosal fluid.
  • Large, smooth drain eyes for maximum drainage.
  • Ribbed balloon increases strength and symmetry.
  • Provides easy insertion and removal with enhanced patient protection.
  • Bespak® spring-loaded valve ensures proper inflation/deflation of Foley catheter balloon.

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