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Curity Kids Mono-Flo Urethral Drainage Bag 1,000 mL

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Specialty urinary drainage bags that include 4,000 mL capacity and 1,000 mL pediatric application.

  • Integrated collection system for both urethral and bladder urine collection.
  • Double bag keeps urethral and bladder urine separate.
  • Urethral catheter adapter accepts 4Fr to 8Fr catheters, IV and feeding tubes.
  • Multiple clinical applications.
  • Breakaway safety feature disconnects urethral catheter when pulled.
  • Increased patient safety.
  • Closed-system aspirating port permits repeated fresh urine samples; the urethral catheter irrigation port may also be used for specimen collection.
  • Universal hanging device fits easily over bedrail and serves as carrying handle.

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