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ChemoPlus IVA Seal for McGaw's Excel & Abbott's Small IV Bag, Silver

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ChemoPlus™ IVA™ Seal for McGaw's Excel & Abbott's Small IV Bags, Silver, Sterile, Latex-Free

ChemoPlus™ IVA™ Seals for IV bags are sterile seals that protect point of entry of IV admixtures from contamination and accidental double dosing. They have a dual warning system in which seals self-destruct upon attempted removal, and needle punctures are highly visible in laminted foil. Having ChemoPlus™ IVA™ Seals on bags instantly alerts staff that a drug has been added. Latex free.

  • Latex-free and PVC-free.
  • Sterile ChemoPlus™ IVA™ Seals protect point of entry of IV admixtures.
  • Adhere to IV add ports to provide protection.
  • Self-destruct upon attempted removal and cannot be effectively reapplied.
  • Manufactured of laminated foil.
  • Several bright colors.
  • Compact boxes.
  • Unused medication may be returned and reissued with confidence if ChemoPlus™ IVA™ Seals are intact.
  • Three styles to accommodate most commonly used IV bags.
  • Some ChemoPlus™ IVA™ Seals have printed messages.


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