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Cardinal Health Silicone Contact Layer, 8" x 12"

  • Cardinal Health Silicone Contact Layer 8" x 12" - Save Rite Medical
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Silicone contact layer dressing is an occlusive wound dressing made with a conformable, open mesh structure and gentle silicone adhesive. It is used to facilitate fluid transfer and provide fixation and protection to the wound bed during dressing changes.

  • Indications: May be used to allow passage of exudate and provide fixation and protection of the wound bed during dressing changes for a wide variety of partial to full thickness wounds, including skin tears, venous ulcers, surgical and trauma wounds, first and second degree burns, blisters, cuts and lacerations, dry to heavily draining abrasions, pressure ulcers.
  • Contraindications: Third-degree burns and individuals with known sensitivity to silicone, not for surgical implantation.
  • Type of dressing: Primary.
  • Change frequency: Up to 7 days.
  • Sterile.


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