C3 Male Incontinence Device, Regular


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SRS Medical C3® Male Continence Device Regular

The C3® penile clamp is an inexpensive and dignified solution for managing mild-to-moderate male incontinence. The C3 is contoured and cradle-like; it clamps evenly around the penis and its soft foam puts pressure only where it€™s needed, on the urethra. This prevents the involuntary loss of urine, but does not cut off blood flow.The design of the C3 accounts for most commonly encountered clinical issues. It is constructed from materials carefully chosen to enhance patient comfort. The C3 is also compact and easy to conceal. Its elastic strap holds the C3 in place without shifting, giving patients the confidence to go about their daily routine. The disposable C3 is also reasonably priced, so patients are more likely to replace it at regular intervals, ensuring proper hygiene.The penis is placed through the opening in the C3. The lower arm is positioned so that the urethral occlusion pad is against the urethra, and the device is secured (see below) by wrapping the elastic strap comfortably snug around the penis.

  • Effective for mild to moderate urinary incontinence.
  • Dignified solution, easily concealed.
  • Does not impede bloodflow.
  • More economical than pads.

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