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Bioclusive Plus Transparent Film Dressing 2" x 2-3/4" | 53-BIP0607

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Systagenix Wound Management Bioclusive® Plus Transparent Film Dressing 2-3/8" x 2-3/4", Polyurethane Film, Sterile, Waterproof

Bioclusive® Plus Transparent Film Dressing is a self-adhesive dressing consisting of a transparent semi-permeable polyurethane film coated with an acrylic adhesive. Bioclusive® Plus is indicated for the management of wounds where there is no exudate, or light levels of exudate.

  • Provides a barrier to viruses 27nm in diameter or larger (e.g. HIV and Hepatitis B)† and to bacteria.
  • Allows the transmission of oxygen and moisture vapor helping to prevent periwound maceration.
  • Conforms to difficult contours.
  • Helps facilitate controlled and waste-free application.
  • Waterproof.
  • Three step application with easy to follow A, B, C application tabs.
  • It has higher MVTR than Bioclusive®.


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