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Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber

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Clear Polycarbonate, Dual Float Design, Single Use, For Active Humidification

The auto-fill humidification chamber offers a fixed level of water within the chamber, ensuring a constant system volume. This, coupled with the strong polycarbonate body and non-compressible float, ensures that adverse changes in system compliance are reduced to a minimum. The auto-fill chamber provides optimum humidification output without compromising resistance to flow. The new dual-float, dual valve design provides further assurance of reliability. The Intersurgical® auto-fill humidification chamber is supplied complete with a fill set with spike and cap.

  • Inline filter - Prevents any debris from entering the chamber.
  • Fill set - Permanently attached at the chamber to prevent disconnection.
  • Dual valve - For added security.
  • Baffles and webs - Ensure an efficient gas flow through the chamber for increased humidity.
  • Clearly visible water level indicator - For instant accurate fluid level assessment.
  • Advanced dual float design - The closed cell material of the primary float ensures a totally reliable unsinkable rigid mechanism, while the secondary float provides added security.
  • Protective cassette - Protects the chamber from contamination.
  • Fill set spike - With sealed cover to allow for ventilator leak test.
  • Clear material - For easy visual assessment of the water level at all times.
  • Strong polycarbonate clear material - Allows for easy visual assessment of the fluid level at all times.
  • Shrouded heated plate cover - Prevents accidental burns when removing the chamber from the heater base.
  • Hydrophobic membrane filter - Allows connection to a rigid or collapsible reservoir bottle.
  • Simplified labeling - Gives precise and clear instructions.


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