Assura AC Easiflex 2-Piece Pediatric Drainable Pouch 3/4"


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Pcs: Two

Type: Pediatric Draniable, Adhesive Coupling

Flange: 3/4"

Size: 5-1/2" L, 105mL

Filter: Yes

Closure: EasiClose™ Integrated Closure

Backing: n/a

Color: Transparent

Belt Tabs: No

Assura® AC Pediatric EasiClose™ Ileostomy Pouch is a simple, soft, secure system for children. Based on adhesives that make it easy to apply the pouch to the baseplate and easy to remove. This revolutionary pouching system is hygienic and easy to clean; soft and comfortable; and simple to handle, with the EasiClose™ outlet.

  • Revolutionary pouching system is extremely hygienic and secure.
  • Soft and flexible system.
  • The coupling system is easy to use.
  • EasiClose™ integrated closure means no clips or clamps to lose.
  • Ostomy pouching system is based on adhesives that make it easy to apply the pouch to the barrier.
  • Safe to use.

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