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ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border Adhesive Dressing 3" x 3"

  • ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border Adhesive Dressing 3" x 3" - Save Rite Medical
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Smith & Nephew Allevyn™ Ag Gentle Border Silicone Gel Adhesive Silver Wound Dressing features triple-action technology that absorbs, retains, and transpires exudates to provide optimal fluid management. Provides an optimal, moist wound environment for the promotion of faster closure and gentle adhesive allows for less painful dressing changes.

  • Minimizes pain to the patient and trauma to the wound at dressing change.
  • Rapid and sustained antibacterial action.
  • Optimal exudate management.
  • A unique, two-in-one solution for exuding, chronic wounds.
  • Sustained antibacterial activity for 7 days.
  • Longer wear time.
  • 3" L x 3" W Square with Allevyn™ Silver Protection
  • Triple-Action Technology, Waterproof and Bacteria-Proof Top Film

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