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Algicell Ag Antimicrobial Silver Dressing 2" x 2"

  • Algicell Ag Antimicrobial Silver Dressing 2" x 2" - Save Rite Medical
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Derma Algicell® Ag Antimicrobial Silver Dressing has slow releasing, ionic silver technology for silver delivery method. It offers a controlled and sustained release of antimicrobial silver that provides a durable, seven-day effect within the dressing. This helps to reduce bioburden and provides an effective barrier to pathogens. This dressing allows for easier removal and clean-up during dressing changes.

  • Has a preferable gelling profile and superior absorption capabilities.
  • Provides 1-2/5% silver, delivered via sophisticated ionic transfer technology.
  • Provides superior bactericidal action that goes to work almost immediately, with kill rates at 99.99% and above.
  • Provides an effective barrier to bacterial penetration.
  • Protects wound dressing against bacterial colonization.
  • Maintains a moist environment, conducive to wound healing.
  • Latex-free, reduces the risk of tissue maceration.
  • Gels well, minimizes fibrous residue and remains intact.

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