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ACE Connector 1 fits all | DA-475

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Dale Medical Products Inc Dale® ACE Connector One Size fits all

The Dale® ACE (Access Controller for Enteral) Connector® protects you from potentially infectious splash back while shielding your patient from external contamination. This 100% closed system connector controls fluid flow into and out of Salem Sump®, Levin, and PEG/g-tubes, reducing the risk of cross contamination. The Dale® ACE Connector® replaces 5-in-1 connectors and enteral feeding Y-port adapters to provide in-line feeding, suctioning, irrigation, and medication delivery without the need to disconnect. The connector system remains closed to the atmosphere at all times for optimal infection protection

  • A convenient, compact device for controlling fluid flow into or out of a tube.
  • Connects to all Salem Sump®, Levin, NG tubes, other stomach tubes, and enteral feeding PEG tubes. One size fits all.
  • Replaces enteral feeding tube "Y" adapters.
  • Protects the clinician from potentially infectious splash events by maintaining a closed system.
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination, eliminates mess and formula loss by maintaining a closed system.
  • Has a simple ON/OFF handle fluid controller.
  • Has a built in Needleless Syringe Port Seal.

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