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9" Urostomy Pch w/Barrier, For 1 3/8" Stoma, 10 | 93-86335W

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Cymed One-piece Urostomy Pouch with Pre-cut MicroSkin® Barrier and 3mm Thin MicroDerm™ Washer 1-3/8" Stoma Opening, 9" L, Clear, Odor-proof Film, Comfort Backing, Latex-free

Cymed provides you with a variety of pouches for every type of ostomy. All are composed of Cryovak® odor-proof material and have a water-proof comfort backing. Cymed pouches are Latex-free and are available in either clear or opaque. This is a clear, adhesive pouching system which features a unique and innovative MicroSkin® adhesive barrier, a transparent, hypoallergenic, odor-proof, polyurethane film. It offers an unmatched level of comfort and security. This pouch comes with a snap cap closure and anti-reflux design.

  • Includes one night drainage adapter.
  • To be cut 1/8" larger than stoma size to ensure that the transparent film does not push on the stoma in any way.
  • Thin and elastic so it conforms to your body when you move and stays on.
  • Barely visible when in place around your stoma and stretches and moves with you.
  • Durable and supports the pouch without belts, tapes or additional glues.
  • Transparent which allows you to visualize the health of your skin.
  • Breathable and moisture-vapor permeable for healthier skin.
  • Waterproof comfort backing so that it stays on while showering, swimming or hot-tubing.
  • Simple towel dry as you would your own skin.
  • Composed of Cryovak odor-proof material.

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