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3/4" Opng, Flat w/Skin Shield Barrier Uro Pouches | 72-77003

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Marlen Manufacturing UltraLite™ One-piece Urostomy Pouch with Skin Shiled™ Flat Adhesive Skin Barrier and E-Z Drain Valve 3/4" Opening, 9-1/4" L x 5-3/4" W, Transparent, 16Oz, Odor-proof

Marlen UltraLite™ Urostomy Pouches has new slim and contoured design with cloth-like comfort cover on body side. It comes with completely odor-proof material. It includes non-return, anti-reflux valve and features the free-flow non-twist stem, which allows unobstructed flow. Also features E-Z Drain push-pull valve, which makes emptying the pouch quick and leak-proof.

  • New slim, contoured design.
  • Choice of skin barrier.
  • 3 choices of convexity (deep, shallow or flat).
  • Cloth-like comfort cover on body side.
  • Choice of transparent or opaque outer side.
  • Complete range of stoma sizes from 1/2" (12mm) to 2"(50mm).
  • Completely odor-proof material.
  • "Free-flow" stem allows unobstructed flow of urine into leg or night bags, even if pouch twists.
  • "Push-pull" E-Z Drain Valve is permanently sealed to the pouch €“ no wet fingers when emptying pouch.
  • Non-return reflux valve.

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