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2-Piece Fistula and Wound Management System, Maxi 8-1/4" - 11-3/4"

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Coloplast Two-Piece Fistula and Wound Management System 8-1/4" to 11-3/4" Cutting Area, Maxi, Flexible Adhesive

The Coloplast Fistula and Wound Management System is designed with a flexible adhesive. The pouch conforms to unique, abdominal contours and molds to the skin with ease. This revolutionary, all-in-one solution provides improved patient comfort and saves caregiver time.

  • Includes drain port, flexible lid, sheet and clamp.
  • Outlets with spigots.
  • Long-lasting adhesive.
  • Tracing guide increases accuracy.
  • Removable lid.
  • Inflatable ring.
  • Conforms to unique, abdominal contours.
  • The pouch system easily molds to the skin to meet individual requirements.

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